Mili Cafe
5858 Emporium Square 
Columbus OH, 43017
Call us: 614-899-9202
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Fried Wonton
Summer Roll
Spring Roll
Grill Pork Roll
Pork Skin Roll
Banh Mi
Combination Rice
Banh Cuon
Wonton Soup
Seafood Noodle Soup
Spicy Hue Style Noodle Soup
Vermicelli with Spring Roll & Grilled Pork
Vermicelli with Spring Roll, Grilled Pork, and Shrimp
Chicken Pho
Beef Stew with Rice Noodle
Beef Stew with French Bread
3 Color Bean Drink
Bubble Smoothie: Green (Honeydew) & Yellow (Mango)
Thai Tea
Ice Lemon Tea
Ice Coffee